Award meaning in hindi | Award ka matlab 

Award meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Award 
Usage of Award: 1: The movie `Rojabagged the award for best cinematography. 2: He got the posthumous award of a medal for bravery. 3: Being a prodigy Ruskin Bond won the national award at a very early age. 4: The award brought Mike into national prominence . 5: They granted an award to Kelly . 6: In addition to the formal award 7: It stipulated that only the president could award the title 8: The other film to receive a special award that year was The Jazz Singer. 9: Chaplin's second honorary award came forty-four years later in 1972 10: He came out of his exile to accept his award
Award ki paribhasha : vaadi prativaadi ke bich upasthit vivaad ka nirnay auchity aur anauchity aadi ka vichaar karake kisi vishay ke do pakshon men se ek paksh ko thik thaharaana vah dhan ya vastu jo kisi par paritusht ya prasann hokar use di jaay athava jo kisi ko prasann karane ke liye use di jaay kisi kaary ke liye kuchh prati bndhon ke saath di jaanevaali sarakaari sahaayata

Award synonyms
trophy gold gift grant presentation decision citation donation accolade verdict endowment honor scholarship decree conferral adjudication decoration bestowal allotment distinction conferment order feather in cap gold star distribute hand out donate assign allocate accord apportion render concede adjudge dish out shell out fork out sweeten the kitty
Award antonyms
forfeit loss refuse withhold keep take disagree 
Usage of Award in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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