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Beloved meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Beloved 
As noun : अतिप्रिय अनकाम अभिरक्त अभिरुप आवुस ईठी उशत् गर्ल चहेती चहेना चाह किया गया चितचोर चितचोर जीवधन जीवनधन जोष्य जोष्य डाकनवार दिलरूबा दुलारा परमप्रिय पिअरवा ‡ पियड़ा पिरतम पिरीतम ‡ पिरो पुदुगल प्यारा प्यारि प्यारी प्रणयिनो प्रणाय्य प्राणअधार प्राणकांत प्राणधन प्राणनाथ प्राणपति प्राणप्यारा प्राणप्रिय प्रिय प्रियतम प्रियपात्र प्रीऊ प्रीऊ प्रीतमा प्रीय प्रीव प्रेम पात्र प्रेमास्पद प्रेमिका प्रेयसि प्रेयस् प्सुर बलमा बलाका बालभु बेवाहा मतलूबा मधुमान् मनचाहना मनभावता मनभावता मनमोहन मनरौन माशूख मितऊ मीठ मुन्ना मुन्ना लड़ता लड़ता ललित, लाड़लड़ैता लावण्यवान् वावात व्हाला व्हाला सजु सनम सावरिया सैए स्नेहपात्र स्नेहपात्र
Usage of Beloved: 1: i am her beloved one. 2: Her beloved daughter is arriving tommorrow from America. 3: A good person is beloved by everyone 4: David’s beloved son Absalom rebels against his father. 5: Xanthippus and his beloved Paralus, in the epidemic. 6: Clams Casino resemble the beloved stuffed quahog 7: The Palladian style was beloved by Whigs such as Thomas Coke 8: "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies". 9: Honoured and beloved by the people whom he governed 10: Proust's beloved mother died in September 1905
Beloved ki paribhasha : vah stri jisake saath prem kiya jaay vah vyakti jo striyon ko bahakaakar kumaarg ki or pravratt karana ho morashikha naam ka vraksh

Beloved synonyms
loved dear favorite respected popular hallowed pet sweet darling pleasing fair-haired precious admired prized venerated treasured cherished well-liked esteemed revered dearest cared for doted on endeared highly regarded highly valued idolized worshiped near to one's heart heartthrob honey girlfriend rave sugar sweetheart beau baby boyfriend steady flame lover heartbeat number one significant other inamorato fiancã© first and last love of my life numero uno object of affection one and only tootsie true love
Beloved antonyms
hated disliked despised enemy foe girlfriend 
Usage of Beloved in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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