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Cook meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cook 
Usage of Cook: 1: The cook ladled the dal into bowls. 2: The cook is chopping vegetables on the worktop. 3: He is a cook in the galley. 4: The cook fried the chips. 5: The waiter was cheesed off at the cook . 6: The cook ordered Judy out of the kitchen . 7: Vegetable types cook more easily 8: Canto LIV moves the story on to around 805 CE. The line "Some cook 9: There she met and married Albéric Gbemani, a cook for a Belgian judge. 10: They used the wood of their wagons to cook the meat and make jerky.
Cook ki paribhasha : garam ghi ya tel aadi me dalakar kuchh der tak chalaana jisase usamen sodhaanpan aa jaay paani, doodha, ya aur kisi taral padaarth ko aag par rakhakar itana garam karana ki vah phen ke saath oopar uth aave

Cook synonyms
servant baker chef culinarian hash slinger mess sergeant sous chef poach sear reduce griddle ruin seethe melt barbecue imbue blanch scald nuke doctor fix parboil parch microwave simmer percolate fry brown sizzle mull burn devil stew spoil broil coddle grill toast curry roast brew steep steam scorch escallop braise fricassee decoct pressure-cook french fry deep fry panfry sautã© warm up
Cook antonyms
grow ignore aid wet freeze be happy neglect help cool 
Usage of Cook in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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