Fat meaning in hindi | Fat ka matlab 

Fat meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fat 
Usage of Fat: 1: He is very fat and unfit. 2: unsaponified fat 3: Get out of bed, you fat slob! 4: she was too fat to be a mannequin 5: Her aunt is a fat and blowzy woman. 6: The fat persons usually sweat the fat off by doing excercises. 7: I like to watch the fat cats go by in their BMWs . 8: The cook skimmed off the fat . 9: The hot fat spattered on me . 10: The bears will store fat up for the long winter .
Fat ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ki machhali tela, ghi, charabi aadi chikane padaarth ek pakavaan jo masaala mili hui urd ki pithi ki gol chakraakaar tikiyon ko ghi ya tel men talakar banata hai samaan saphed ya kuchh pile rng ka ek chikana gaadha padaarth jo praaniyon ke sharir men or bahut se paudhon aur vrakshon men bhi paaya jaata hai vah padaarth jisaka saadhaaranataya indriyon dvaara grahan ho sake jisake sharir men aavashyakata se aadhik maans ho

Fat synonyms
bulky obese inflated bulging hefty large chunky big heavy meaty plump gross bull solid broad lard roly-poly bovine blimp stout swollen husky distended beefy brawny burly corpulent dumpy elephantine fleshy gargantuan ponderous porcine portly pudgy rotund weighty heavyset plumpish thickset butterball jelly-belly oversize paunchy potbellied whalelike fatty greasy unctuous oleaginous fatlike suety lucrative flourishing thriving good lush affluent cushy fertile fruitful profitable prosperous remunerative grease surplus overabundance plethora fatness superfluity tallow corpulence blubber obesity overflow excess surfeit flab cellulite
Fat antonyms
miniature tiny skinny unimportant insignificant slender lean impoverished unproductive small thin slight little soft slim poor failing languishing lack necessity scarcity need want 
Usage of Fat in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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