Go down meaning in hindi | Go down ka matlab 

Go down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Go down 
Usage of Go down: 1: She will go down as the first feminist 2: I don't want to go down to the cellar . 3: Someone said that gasoline prices would go down . 4: I don't want to go down that rocky trail . 5: He and Gabriel board the sled and go down the hill where they hear singing. 6: Rear Admiral Yamaguchi chose to go down with his ship 7: After that go down from the same origin 8: He got back into his room, he will go down Get off 9: I do not go down below a thousand francs 10: It is dangerous to go down this path
Go down ki paribhasha : utaarane ka kaam any se karaana utaarana vah ghaas jo pahali varsha ke uparaant kheton men ugati hai aadhaar ya avarodh ke abhaav ke kaaran kisi chij ka ekadam oopar se niche aa jaana koi baaj jo ho jaay

Go down synonyms
decline plunge collapse tumble reduce drop slump decrease sink pitch crumple descend droop fold founder go under keel lessen sag set submerge submit succumb topple submerse be beaten be defeated cave in make less suffer defeat
Go down antonyms
increase ascend grow gain rise go up expand raise strengthen 
Usage of Go down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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