Lowbred meaning in hindi | Lowbred ka matlab 

Lowbred meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lowbred 
Lowbred synonyms
tasteless vulgar impolite ugly barbaric uncivilized cantankerous clumsy countrified gross gruff ill-mannered loud loutish oafish ornery provincial rough rustic uncouth uncultured uneducated ungracious unpolished unrefined bad-mannered bearish cloddish clodhopping clownish ill-bred inurbane out-of-line out-of-order swinish unpoised grumpy sullen base blunt brusque crusty curt discourteous dour grouchy harsh ill-tempered mean miserly morose snippy surly touchy unmannerly unsociable crabbed cussed unneighborly ribald off-color obscene raw dirty scatological nasty bawdy crass blue cheap common filthy foul immodest improper impure inelegant offensive raffish raunchy roughneck smutty tacky uncultivated brutish foul-mouthed incult lowdown and dirty vulgarian indecent savage lewd barnyard awkward backward ignorant insensible tactless unenlightened ungainly unskillful grody loud-mouthed folksy simple funky homey down-to-earth dull easygoing hard-boiled homely lusty mundane natural pragmatic robust uninhibited down home home folk unidealistic indecorous brash callow embarrassing outrageous risquã© suggestive unbecoming unseemly untoward unblushing untactful barbarian
Lowbred antonyms
kind mannerly polite pleasant charming cultured exciting nice polished refined sophisticated smooth gentle delicate happy chaste moral clean decent pure upright soft tasteful planned stilted formal elegant inoffensive pleasing honest healthy gay good noble high 
Usage of Lowbred in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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