Mend meaning in hindi | Mend ka matlab 

Mend meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mend 
Usage of Mend: 1: After a long time the family members have mend fences in the matter of the disputed property. 2: Please mend my trousers. 3: I think I had better get home and mend my fences . 4: They attempted to mend the relationship 5: Burma continues to struggle to mend its ethnic tensions. 6: Article Five describes the process necessary to amend the Constitution. 7: , If mend with something, in taking better about 8: EGG is said, by analogy, a wooden object shaped chicken egg, which one uses to mend more conveniently low 9: If someone mend 10: Refresh tapestry, mend the places where it is damaged, repair
Mend ki paribhasha : rekhaa, daaga, chihn aadi ka door karana ek prakaar ka kid jo ooni kapadon ko kaat dalata hai kisi vastu ke toote phoote angon ko thik karane ki kriya ya bhaav

Mend synonyms
sew repair rejuvenate restore heal rectify revamp renew redress ameliorate reconstruct cure rebuild right recuperate renovate ready recover overhaul service doctor refurbish better emend remedy knit condition retouch amend reform patch recondition convalesce aid revise gain look up perk up refit darn fiddle with get better get well
Mend antonyms
damage destroy injure ruin worsen deteriorate harm impair weaken break hurt kill decline lose miss 
Usage of Mend in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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