battle meaning in marathi

Word: battle
Meaning of battle in english - military fight, struggle

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
ran ( रण )
Synonyms of battle
bloodshed campaign clash combat hostility encounter assault fighting strife crusade action attack skirmish bombing war conflict warfare carnage contention onslaught engagement sortie havoc onset scrimmage barrage brush press ravage fray blitzkreig significant contact contest disagreement controversy debate dispute agitation contend wrestle feud clamor argue strive agitate oppugn
Antonyms of battle
accord surrender truce peace retreat ceasefire harmony calm quiet agreement
Identical words :
As noun :
battlefield - sonavi ( सोणवी )
battle cry - haak ( हाक )
battle horn - ranasing ( रणसिंग )
battle drum - vaadintr ( वादिंत्र )
battle-axe - pharasi ( फरसी )
battle arena - ranakhalen ( रणखळें )
battle trumpet - ranatur ( रणतुर )
battlefield viewed as a shrine - ranadevhaara ( रणदेव्हारा )
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