body meaning in marathi

Word: body
Meaning of body in english - physique, corpse, human being, bulk, central portion, crowd, main part of written work

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
deh ( देह )
vapu ( वपु )
Synonyms of body
frame carcass shaft embodiment figure form makeup tenement anatomy shape chassis build trunk constitution torso beefcake protoplasm bag of bones boody mortal part remains relic stiff carrion cadaver ashes clay dust deceased dead body corpus delicti party individual soul person creature personage box material skeleton groundwork essence tenor total staple gist pith sum majority core assembly hull crux substance basis bed matter mass whole gravamen fuselage substructure society group throng set parcel cluster batch bundle horde lot mob array clump multitude bunch heart meat treatise dissertation text thesis argument evidence discourse exposition burden sense
Antonyms of body
abstract concept fantasy nothing nothingness individual mind soul spirit immateriality inanimate thought one plant part whole single exterior outside
Identical words :
As noun :
bodyguard - aangavalaaaangavalekaar ( आंगवळा-आंगवळेकार )
body heat - aangaub ( आंगउब )
body and mind - tanumanu ( तनुमनु )
body mind and soul - tanumanujiv ( तनुमनुजीव )
body and house - dehageh ( देहगेह )
body created and pervaded by māyā - maayaapur ( मायापुर )
body taken over by a soul in order to suffer miseries after death - yaatanaadehasharir ( यातनादेह--शरीर )
body hair - lom ( लोम )
body as well-shaped as that of a swan - hansakaaya ( हंसकाया )
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