boil meaning in marathi

Word: boil
Meaning of boil in english - blister, heat to bubbling, be angry

Meanings in marathi :

are ( अरे )
आश्वासनाचे उद्गारवाचक
Synonyms of boil
abscess carbuncle tumor sore excrescence ulcer pimple furuncle blain pustule poach evaporate stew bubble steam simmer effervesce froth smolder foam parboil agitate seethe cook coddle churn steep fizz decoct flare burn storm rage fume fulminate rave bristle sputter blow up foam at the mouth
Antonyms of boil
Identical words :
As adjective :
boiling - kadh ( कढ )
boiling hot oil - aagiyal ( आगीयल )
boiling water or water that is being brought to a boil - aadhaan ( आधाण )
boiled sugarcane juice - kaakavi ( काकवी )
boiled rice - kuru ( कुरु )
boiling water - velan ( वेळण )
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