craft meaning in marathi

Word: craft
Meaning of craft in english - expertise, skill, deceit, scheme, business, discipline, water or air vehicle

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vindaan ( विंदान )
Synonyms of craft
technique art dexterity artistry expertness adeptness ability adroitness ingenuity proficiency know-how aptitude cleverness knack competence cunning trickery guile duplicity stratagem subtlety artfulness strategy shrewdness contrivance foxiness subterfuge artifice craftiness slyness ruse wiles wiliness cageyness canniness disingenuity handicraft profession calling career work trade pursuit vocation employment occupation métier aircraft spacecraft plane barge vessel ship airplane boat blimp shipping bottom watercraft zeppelin
Antonyms of craft
clumsiness inability incapacity ineptitude ignorance inadequacy incompetence lack honesty avocation entertainment recreation ineptness stupidity want openness frankness sincerity artlessness hobby fun pastime surrender
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