crane meaning in marathi

Word: crane
Meaning of crane in english - extend, stretch

Meanings in marathi :

bhoradi ( भोरडी )
त्याला उद्देशून शेतराख्याने दिलेली हाक
Synonyms of crane
prolong last widen boost broaden develop lengthen enlarge increase spread continue take go on enhance open expand supplement draw augment magnify dilate mantle unfurl unroll stall pad unfold elongate multiply protract heighten aggrandize amplify add to beef up carry on drag out draw out prolongate fan out let out run on spin out spread out string out drag one's feet pull reach swell cover strain span grow fill distend bridge tighten pyramid make recline overlap rack tauten range repose inflate pull out branch out burst forth lie out make taut make tense shoot up
Antonyms of crane
shorten narrow restrict compress hinder decrease lessen cease discontinue abridge hide degrade constrict curtail condense cut take back abbreviate halt end stop diminish lower reduce shrink lose close finish contract hold keep maintain exclude conceal block push repel repulse concentrate
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