crown meaning in marathi

Word: crown
Meaning of crown in english - top, best, tiara for royalty, reward, dignify, be the culmination of, hit, usually on head

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
mugut ( मुगुट )
देवादिकांचे किंवा राजांचे शिरोभूषण
Synonyms of crown
pinnacle zenith acme apex vertex tip roof meridian summit peak crest climax perfection ultimate fastigium headdress diadem garland circlet wreath coronet chaplet coronal headband ruler monarchy sovereign potentate sovereignty crowned head supreme ruler the throne inaugurate induct authorize ennoble strengthen determine sanction establish arm endue raise commission fix erect exalt enable festoon heighten stabilize invest dower settle delegate install endow honor adorn set up coronate enthrone finish complete cap terminate consummate fulfill surmount round off put finishing touch on top off box smite biff knock punch cuff
Antonyms of crown
nadir worst foot bottom base disallow weaken prevent destroy unsettle raze ignore denounce dishonor disregard fine punish hurt confuse stop neglect change begin initiate start
Identical words :
crown made of peacock feathers - moramugut ( मोरमुगुट )
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