dark black meaning in marathi

Word: dark black

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
kaaledhiv ( काळेढीव )
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dark browndark greydark in complexiondark nightdark purpledark reddark welldark-coloureddark-complexioneddarkdarkness or lightness of complexiondarknessdashingdate according to the lunar calendardate palm treedatedaub of kuṅkum applied to a kings forehead at his coronationdaub of kuṅkum on the forehead of a married woman whose husband is alivedaub of sandalwood paste on the foreheaddaubdaughter-in-lawdaughterdawndawningday and nightday by dayday in the first half of a month the fortnight of the waxing moonday of the lunar monthday of the weekday on which certain activities are not to be undertaken