delirious meaning in marathi

Word: delirious
Meaning of delirious in english - mentally imbalanced, excited, very happy

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sannipaataila ( सन्निपातैला )
सन्निपात झालेला
Synonyms of delirious
insane unhinged maniacal manic crazed mad aberrant bewildered confused crazy demented deranged deviant deviate disordered distracted disturbed hallucinatory incoherent irrational lightheaded lunatic rambling raving unreasonable unsettled wandering disarranged flipped flipped out off one's head out of one's head out of one's skull frenzied ecstatic delighted intoxicated rapturous rabid frantic hysterical beside oneself drunk enthused frenetic furious overwrought transported thrilled carried away
Antonyms of delirious
rational sane collected balanced reasonable sound normal unexcited unhappy sorrowful calm controlled
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