division meaning in marathi

Word: division
Meaning of division in english - separation, disconnection, something produced from separating, breach, estrangement

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
varagan ( वरगण )
vibhaag ( विभाग )
Synonyms of division
distribution selection disunion dissolution disjuncture apportionment severance divorce breaking reduction detachment autopsy parting subdivision demarcation partition analysis diagnosis rupture contrasting distinguishing disseverance parceling carving vivisection dismemberment bisection segmentation breaking down breaking up cutting up departmentalizing detaching disparting disuniting dividing rending splitting up sector category share affiliate branch class wedge divide chunk border moiety divvy lobe fraction boundary compartment sort head degree associate fragment lump slice dividend kind ramification offshoot piece grouping divider rake-off dividing line piece of action dispute disagreement conflict discord dissonance disharmony dissension feud difficulty words dissent variance trouble dissidence difference of opinion
Antonyms of division
accord unification unison unity whole juncture combination connection union attachment agreement system inside interior entirety total cause origin authorization concurrence ratification contentment harmony peace concord
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