dogmatism meaning in marathi

Word: dogmatism
Meaning of dogmatism in english - bigotry, certainty, determination, intolerance, pedantry

Meanings in marathi :

matavaad ( मतवाद )
मताचा दुराग्रह
Synonyms of dogmatism
discrimination racism bias injustice sexism unfairness fanaticism partiality provincialism racialism narrow-mindedness sectarianism Jim Crowism confidence trust certitude credence lock sureness surety positiveness steadiness shoo-in stock lockup belief validity firmness cinch faith conviction setup store sure thing inevitability definiteness staunchness positivism all sewn up authoritativeness indubitableness open and shut case rain or shine sure bet surefire wrap-up resolve self-confidence decision valor willpower grit courage boldness bravery tenacity dedication fortitude steadfastness energy persistence assurance resoluteness nerve heart purposefulness doggedness spunk stubbornness guts obstinacy independence fearlessness backbone pluck intrepidity hardihood constancy spine drive dauntlessness resolution single-mindedness indomitability firm-ness stiff upper lip prejudice meticulousness precision pretension exactness bookishness
Antonyms of dogmatism
fairness impartiality open-mindedness broad-mindedness tolerance distrust disbelief ambiguity doubt hesitation uncertainty concept idea theory questionableness indecision diffidence cowardice weakness fear indifference idleness irresolution wavering timidity disinterest spinelessness vacillation beginning start inaccuracy imprecision
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