fighting meaning in marathi

Word: fighting
Meaning of fighting in english - aggressive, warlike, battle, encounter

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
hudganen ( हुद्गणें )
Synonyms of fighting
hostile belligerent boxing militant martial determined angry argumentative bellicose combative contentious disputatious ferocious pugnacious quarrelsome resolute truculent unbeatable up in arms militaristic scrappy skirmishing battling fencing tilting warmongering jousting sparring contending brawling wrestling disputative hawkish jingoistic ready to fight under arms warfare riot exchange hostility scuffle strife melee struggle dispute conflict bloodshed fracas tiff wrangle scrimmage hassle brush free-for-all row beef mix bout spat contention rumble words flap run-in rowdy blowup match rumpus roughhouse scramble battle royal donnybrook set-to brannigan hell broke loose
Antonyms of fighting
kind peaceful nice peaceloving calm accord surrender harmony agreement
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