general meaning in marathi

Word: general
Meaning of general in english - common, accepted, inexact, approximate, comprehensive

Meanings in marathi :

naayak ( नायक )
Synonyms of general
commonplace natural normal generic familiar universal routine humdrum regular accustomed broad ordinary public prevailing conventional customary everyday extensive habitual inclusive popular prevalent run-of-the-mill typical uneventful usual wide widespread wonted matter-of-course loose ill-defined inaccurate indefinite uncertain vague imprecise not partial not particular not specific undetailed unspecific catholic collective overall diffuse infinite sweeping total blanket across-the-board all-around all-inclusive ample ecumenical encyclopedic endless far-reaching global indiscriminate limitless miscellaneous panoramic ubiquitous unlimited worldwide unconfined comprehending all-embracing
Antonyms of general
infrequent unusual abnormal eccentric individual specific unknown extraordinary novel peculiar rare uncommon different irregular strange particular private exceptional unaccepted unique circumscribed definite exact limited singular exclusive restricted confined incomplete narrow
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