harm meaning in marathi

Word: harm
Meaning of harm in english - injury, evil, injure, cause evil

Meanings in marathi :

duvaali ( दुवाळी )
traas ( त्रास )
pida ( पीडा )
Synonyms of harm
loss mischief sabotage violence damage wrong abuse vandalism disservice misuse impairment ruination misfortune immorality iniquity ill ravage hurt mischance prejudice infliction outrage detriment sin wickedness foul play wear and tear noxiousness sinfulness perniciousness marring banefulness deleteriousness shock wreck tarnish inconvenience shatter cripple maim trample sap traumatize undermine tweak scathe bruise zing molest total wound maltreat crush nick vitiate vandalize get stab spoil mutilate blemish ill-treat wrench discommode incommode mangle wing mess up put down disserve louse up dilapidate do violence to dump on
Antonyms of harm
favor goodness virtue happiness profit advantage help kindness benefit blessing pleasure create aid assist mend heal respect protect surrender improve build repair fix strengthen cure please approve make happy lose yield
Identical words :
As adjective :
harmful - lopak ( लोपक )
harmless - sadurbal ( सदुर्बळ )
harmful to drink - apaye ( अपये )
harmful diet - kupathy ( कुपथ्य )
harmfulness - maarakapan ( मारकपण )
harmful act - vekhaashenvekhaasen ( वेखाशें-वेखासें )
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