harmful meaning in marathi

Word: harmful
Meaning of harmful in english - injurious, hurtful

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
lopak ( लोपक )
Synonyms of harmful
inimical unhealthy noxious catastrophic unsafe pernicious adverse bad disastrous detrimental painful sinful toxic disadvantageous ruinous destructive damaging risky baleful baneful calamitous consumptive corrupting deleterious dire evil incendiary internecine malicious malignant menacing mischievous murderous nocuous pestiferous sinister subversive unwholesome virulent cataclysmic pestilential undermining corroding crippling harassing
Antonyms of harmful
kind healthy helpful harmless advantageous fortunate lucky honest beneficial profitable assisting good safe aiding favorable
Identical words :
harmful to drink - apaye ( अपये )
harmful diet - kupathy ( कुपथ्य )
harmfulness - maarakapan ( मारकपण )
harmful act - vekhaashenvekhaasen ( वेखाशें-वेखासें )
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