Outright meaning in hindi | Outright ka matlab 

Outright meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Outright 
Usage of Outright: 1: buy outright 2: he is outright dishonest 3: he was killed outright 4: She outright denied the charge. 5: I scolded her outright for her behaviour. 6: Socialist MPs favouring outright abolition voted against all the options. 7: Bush won an outright majority of the popular vote 8: While in no danger of outright extinction 9: Kennedy initially opposed the march outright 10: Many of his claims were either outright lies or distorted half-truths.
Outright ki paribhasha : bina kisi prakaar ke dosha, kalnk ya apavaad aadi ke jyotish men grahon ka sphutasaadhan jisase yah jaana jaata hai ki janm ke samay athava kisi aur vishisht kaal men kaun sa grah kis raashi ke kitane ansha, kitani kala aur kitani vikala men tha bauddh shaastr ke anusaar maitraayani ke ek putr ka naam

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The word can be used as verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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