Prompt meaning in hindi | Prompt ka matlab 

Prompt meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prompt 
Usage of Prompt: 1: Amaiteur actors need prompt in the stage. 2: thanx for your prompt reply 3: Ram is very prompt in paying income tax. 4: I gave a prompt reply to my friend. 5: Data has demonstrated that prompt removal of an infected tick 6: For early cases, prompt treatment is usually curative. 7: Although Joan and the duke of Alençon urged a prompt march on Paris 8: Through prompt decision and speedy movement 9: Since false positives typically prompt an amniocentesis to confirm the result 10: A prompt the king
Prompt ki paribhasha : chid ka ped jisase gndhaabiroja nikalata hai jo kaam men aane ke liye bilakul upayukt ho gaya ho kisi vastu ki halki ho gai sugndh ko punaः tivr karana jisaki stuti ya prashnsa ki gai ho jo koi kaam karane ke liye taiyaar ho bhaagavat ke anusaar kuruvnshiy agnivarn ke putr ka naam pahale se soochana dena jaisa hona chaahiye vaisa

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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