Promptly meaning in hindi | Promptly ka matlab 

Promptly meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Promptly 
Usage of Promptly: 1: Paying bills promptly is good financial practice. 2: the rescue squad arrived promptly 3: The emergency staff will act promptly in critical cases. 4: Cinq-Mars was promptly arrested and executed 5: Roy leaves food out, which the mogwai promptly steals and eats after midnight. 6: Jiro's army promptly disintegrates and flees back to the castle 7: The British government promptly recognised the new monarchy 8: Although the Nazi party was promptly banned 9: Although the arms were to be delivered promptly 10: She did so immediately, and Moses promptly married her.

Usage of Promptly in sentences

The word can be used as verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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