Sensible meaning in hindi | Sensible ka matlab 

Sensible meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sensible 
Usage of Sensible: 1: even amoeba are sensible creatures 2: a sensible choice 3: It is sensible of you to take nutritious diet. 4: Her remarks were off-the-cuff, but very sensible . 5: Why not be sensible about this and call the Negroes into the Convention? 6: Kierkegaard writes that "the present age is essentially a sensible age 7: All sensible people, reasonable, pious, etc 8: experience a sensible regret something 9: He made a very sensible Action 10: In a sensible way, a judicious
Sensible ki paribhasha : jisaka lakshan ya paribhaash ki jaay vah jo vyavahaar shaastr ke anusaar aabhayogi ka vichaar karata ho aise chhnd ikkis prakaar ke hote hain

Usage of Sensible in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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