Set up meaning in hindi | Set up ka matlab 

Set up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Set up 
Usage of Set up: 1: A U.S. based religious institution is trying to set up a seminary in our town. 2: An LOKPAL institution to be set up in every state. 3: He set up Will against a very fast runner . 4: Lee set up his nephew as a tax consultant . 5: It took nearly an hour to set up the tent . 6: We set up a fund to buy food for the needy . 7: A panel of international experts was set up to investigate the matter. 8: Premier Paul Okalik set up an advisory council of eleven elders 9: Basel’s airport is set up for airfreight 10: Kubrick set up two cameras to film Sellers's improvisation.
Set up ki paribhasha : kisi vishay men shaastriy vyavastha dena ya batalaana bikhari hui shaktiyon, logon ya ango aadi ko is prakaar milaakar ek karana ki unamen navin jivan ya bal aa jaay kisi kaary ka vah vidhaan jo shaastron aadi ke dvaara nishchit ya nirdhaarit hua ho ek padaarth ke tal ke saath doosare padaarth ka tal milana

Usage of Set up in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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