individuality meaning in tamil

Word: individuality - The english word have 13 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of nounin english.
Meaning of individuality in english - personality

Meanings in tamil :

As adverb :
nitam ( நிதம் )
chuyam ( சுயம் )
ekttuvm ( ஏகத்துவம் )
chupavam ( சுபாவம் )
chuyaputti ( சுயபுத்தி )

Synonyms of individuality

distinctiveness humor idiosyncrasy unity originality uniqueness temperament eccentricity oneness identity individualism oddity peculiarity manner separateness air particularity unlikeness habit character complexion way independence nature makeup disposition discreteness singularity difference dissimilarity singleness rarity distinction selfhood ipseity selfdom selfness

Antonyms of individuality

usualness likeness sameness similarity
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