act meaning in telugu

Word: act
 Meaning of act in english - something done, legislative document, part of a performance, pretended behavior, do something, behave in a certain way, entertain by playing a role

Meanings in telugu :

tal ( తల )

Identical words :

As noun :
acting - naatakamu ( నాటకము )
actor - bharatudu ( భరతుడు )
As adjective :
actual - mayil ( మయిల )
act of branding - ankanamu ( అంకణము )
act of wandering about - atanamu ( అటనము )
act of bringing the yoke - anak ( అణక )
act of plucking flowers - apachayamu ( అపచయము )
act of discardingthing after finding fault with it - avakshēpamu ( అవక్షేపము )
action - kriti ( కృతి )
act of keeping - aadhaanamu ( ఆధానము )
act of taking refreshment - aarōginamu ( ఆరోగిణము )
activity - jaagrat ( జాగ్రత )
act of giving up - uzjanamu ( ఉ్జనము )
act of turning anything round - kiruku ( కిరుకు )
act of stitching - kuttadamu ( కుట్టడము )

Synonyms of act

move step action deed operation doing undertaking accomplishment exploit execution feat achievement amendment statute decree bill measure law resolution edict announcement code ordinance warrant enactment commitment summons writ subpoena clause verdict judgment order scene show sketch introduction prologue spot number turn routine gag curtain bit piece epilogue schtick attitude stance stunt put-on pose phony simulation stall fake front affectation posture pretense sham false front soft soap sweet talk feigning dissimilation chaser shuck and jive respond execute develop pursue create serve begin undertake function operate carry out enforce persevere maneuver intrude perk practice labor perpetrate preside consummate percolate persist cook officiate carry on go about knock off take up work out do a number get in there go for broke go for it go in for go that route go to town make progress take effect take part take steps transort do one's thing appear react conduct seem strike comport exert take on carry oneself give the appearance impress as play part represent oneself portray rehearse personify characterize dramatize stooge mug strut emote burlesque mimic mime simulate impersonate star parody go on go over ham it up tread the boards be on bring down the house do a turn lay an egg make debut play act play gig play role put it over

Antonyms of act

idleness inaction inactivity cessation inertia quiet repose stoppage suspension defeat failure neglect rest whole reality destroy disregard ignore discontinue forego cease abstain hesitate refrain miss abandon forget leave end give up quit leave alone follow halt prevent refuse lose be real

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