acute meaning in telugu

Word: acute
 Meaning of acute in english - deeply perceptive, very important, severe, intense, having a sharp end or point

Meanings in telugu :

raudramu ( రౌద్రము )

Identical words :

As noun :
acute pain - yaatan ( యాతన )

Synonyms of acute

keen subtle sensitive smart astute canny clever discerning discriminating incisive ingenious insightful intuitive judicious observant penetrating perspicacious piercing quick-witted dangerous urgent sudden critical dire serious desperate essential grave crucial decisive vital afflictive excruciating poignant fierce overwhelming cutting shooting distressing exquisite overpowering powerful violent stabbing racking peaked pointed spiked acicular aciculate acuminate cuspate cuspidate knifelike acuminous needle-shaped

Antonyms of acute

ignorant stupid forthright honest unimportant blunt dull calm mild moderate dense imperceptive insensitive obtuse slow not serious trivial pleasant soothing

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