add meaning in telugu

Word: add
 Meaning of add in english - simple arithmetical process of increase, accumulation, adjoin, increase, make further comment

Meanings in telugu :

asuku ( అసుకు )

Identical words :

As noun :
address - vaavaadu ( వావాడు )

Synonyms of add

count compute calculate figure reckon sum tally tot tote cast enumerate total summate count up do addition reckon up tot up reply include boost continue augment annex hike sweeten affix tag snowball supplement pad spike ante parlay append beef up build up figure in step up piggyback charge up cue in flesh out heat up hike up hitch on hook on hook up with jack up jazz up join together plug into pour it on run up say further slap on soup up speed up

Antonyms of add

estimate guess subtract decrease deduct lessen diminish reduce remove withdraw detach

Related English Telugu Meaning

added like que in latinwithverb it has the force of althoughadded to cardinal numbers it formsadded to many nouns and adjectives to give them an abstractadded to other infinitives it is translated by the english verb canadded to the roots of some verbs it forms nounsaddicted toaddictednessaddiction toaddingwordaddition in arithmeticaddressaddressingadducedadequacyadequateadhere toadhering to ruleadj advadj beautifuladj endowed with
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