bite meaning in telugu

Word: bite
Meaning of bite in english - injury from gripping, tearing, mouthful of food, pungency, stinging sensation, allotment, grip or tear with teeth, corrode, eat away, take a chance

Meanings in telugu :

toduku ( తొడుకు )

Identical words :

bite the lips in rage - didu ( దీడు )

Synonyms of bite

pain wound laceration prick itch pinch chomp gob chaw nip smarting tooth marks taste snack morsel drop nibble refreshment sample sop nosh piece brunch light meal zip punch guts burn edge zap piquancy kick spice slice cut share quota portion part allowance chew gnaw snap clamp crunch pierce ruminate rend seize lacerate munch crush masticate champ hold sever chaw on take a chunk out of oxidize erode consume decay sear scour tingle decompose slash engrave etch rot dissolve rust deteriorate eat into wear away risk volunteer be victim

Antonyms of bite

lot idleness lethargy blandness dullness whole release give let go offer free encourage be careful construct grow improve put together unite build fix develop

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