blank meaning in telugu

Word: blank
 Meaning of blank in english - clear, expressionless, dumbfounded, absolute, utter, empty space

Meanings in telugu :

shoonyamu ( శూన్యము )

Identical words :

As noun :
blanket - razaayi ( రాయి )
blank book - alēkhamu ( అలేఖము )
blanketusually black - kambaLamu ( కంబళము )

Synonyms of blank

unused barren untouched vacant bare virginal plain void clean white pale fresh new spotless unfilled vacuous unmarked uncompleted impassive meaningless hollow lifeless immobile dull stupid stiff deadpan fruitless inane inexpressive inscrutable noncommittal uncommunicative vague masklike poker-faced unexpressive dazed muddled stupefied bewildered confounded disconcerted confused uncomprehending nonplussed at a loss awestruck wonderstruck perfect sheer total regular downright out-and-out outright thorough unconditional unqualified straight-out interstice omission nullity skip nihility vacancy chasm emptiness abyss gulf cavity hollowness vacuity opening gap vacuum hole interval hiatus nothingness lacuna tabula rasa pretermission womb

Antonyms of blank

filled animated aware excited understanding full dirty habited occupied meaningful lively sensitive light clear oriented imperfect incomplete unfinished closing fullness continuation closure

Related English Telugu Meaning

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