clever meaning in telugu

Word: clever
 Meaning of clever in english - bright, ingenious

Meanings in telugu :

sōdh ( సోఢ )

Identical words :

As noun :
cleverness - zaaduramu ( ాదురము )
clever woman - zaan ( ాణ )
cleverness skilfulness - chaaturi ( చాతురి )
clever man - dattudu ( దట్టుడు )

Synonyms of clever

adept adroit alert astute brainy cagey canny capable competent crackerjack discerning egghead expert foxy gifted intelligent inventive knowing knowledgeable many-sided nimble pretty pro quick-witted rational resourceful sagacious savvy sensible shrewd skilled skillful slick sly sprightly talented versatile wise witty apt brilliant cunning deep dexterous/dextrous good handy keen qualified quick on trigger sharp smart

Antonyms of clever

foolish idiotic ignorant naive senseless stupid awkward

Related English Telugu Meaning

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