curl meaning in telugu

Word: curl
 Meaning of curl in english - loop, ringlet, curve, bend, loop

Meanings in telugu :

kurulu ( కురులు )

Identical words :

As noun :
curlew - balaak ( బలాక )
curls - dhammillamu ( ధమ్మిల్లము )
curliness as of crisped locks of hair - kautilyamu ( కౌటిల్యము )
curlthe whiskers - nulumu ( నులుము )

Synonyms of curl

coil spiral quirk kink wave twist whorl swirl flourish crimp frizz curlicue crispation buckle writhe contort fold twirl convolute crook ripple twine undulate entwine roll zigzag snake indent lap turn crinkle meander wind wreathe scallop corkscrew

Antonyms of curl

line flatten straighten smooth

Related English Telugu Meaning

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