daily meaning in telugu

Word: daily
 Meaning of daily in english - occurring every day, during the day

Meanings in telugu :

pratyahamu ( ప్రత్యహము )

Identical words :

As noun :
daily bread - guzaraani ( గురాని )
daily interest - kaayikamu ( కాయికము )
daily cooly - kaijitamu ( కైజీతము )
daily allowance of money - naatamu ( నాతము )
daily account of the receipts and disbursements ofvillage - puraza ( పురా )
daily allowance in money - battemu ( బత్తెము )

Synonyms of daily

regularly often periodic constantly routine everyday ordinary commonplace day after day per diem quotidian cyclic day-to-day circadian day by day diurnal from day to day once a day

Antonyms of daily

variable abnormal unusual extraordinary infrequent nightly nocturnal irregular uncommon different rare

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