dancing meaning in telugu

Word: dancing
 Meaning of dancing in english - subservient, caper, cavort, dandle, drift, flicker, flit, flutter, frisk, hop, hover, jerk, play, prance, shimmer, skip, sparkle, step, shimmy, skitter

Meanings in telugu :

laasamu ( లాసము )

Identical words :

dancing with gestures - pekkanamu ( పెక్కణము )

Synonyms of dancing

submissive deferential inferior abject acquiescent cringing docile fawning ignoble mean menial obeisant obsequious resigned servile slavish subject a slave to bootlicking cowering sycophantic at one's beck and call at one's mercy in one's clutches in one's pocket in one's power under one's thumb rollick romp dance spring bound bounce jump leap gambol cut loose horse around blow the lid off cut capers go on a tear let loose raise hell whoop it up kick up one's heels fool around roughhouse revel sport carry on cut up horseplay caracole go places and do things monkey around fondle nuzzle toy love toss amuse cosset pet cradle rock ride on knee toy with stray linger float flow waft wash slide sail meander amble wander stroll amass aim gallivant flitter tend gather muck coast mosey scud malinger skim accumulate gad saunter gravitate be carried along draw near go with the tide go-that-a-way kick around quiver waver twinkle tremble flash gleam blink glint glimmer flare blare glitter glow burn quaver vibrate blaze swing scintillate glance fluctuate oscillate whiz zip dart fly rush run whisk sweep pass fleet hurry speed throb flop wiggle shiver wobble bat palpitate ruffle beat pulsate agitate shake ripple frolic lark trip hurdle vault lope poise be suspended brood over hang about wait nearby hurtle fling bump jolt snatch wriggle wrench lug thrust tug twitch wring yank pull sling seize tweak flip pluck snag hook quake grab wrest throw vellicate shrug trifle disport rejoice carouse joke clown dally divert mess around show off kibitz amuse oneself be life of party entertain oneself go on a spree idle away kick up heels let go make merry let one's hair down sashay swagger strut parade mince stalk flounce tread foot it hoof it shine jiggle coruscate phosphoresce scamper ricochet scoot carom canter skedaddle buck tiptoe graze bob bolt make off hippety-hop skirr glisten effervesce beam fizzle bubble go down stride walk advance traipse ambulate descend ascend pace troop go backward go forward go up move backward

Antonyms of dancing

disobedient controlling domineering unnecessary useless unhelpful permit allow face work disperse scatter decide guide stay run dissipate divide spend direct set go direct remain decelerate walk slow delay halt calm soothe steady be still lie rest settle release let go listen be sad watch dull wait stand meet take on

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