dare meaning in telugu

Word: dare
 Meaning of dare in english - challenge, defiance, challenge, defy someone, take a risk, be courageous

Meanings in telugu :

kadagu ( కడగు )

Synonyms of dare

taunt cartel stump provocation insult resist oppose threaten provoke spurn bully cope front confront goad denounce face disregard brave scorn meet mock beard laugh at run the gauntlet face off knock chip off shoulder make my day muster courage outdare square off step over the line take one on throw down gauntlet call one's bluff undertake attempt presume stake hazard try adventure endanger endeavor speculate gamble go ahead be bold make bold pluck up run the risk take a chance take heart

Antonyms of dare

compliment praise hide dodge hold back refrain help approve be careful abstain

Related English Telugu Meaning

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