deep seated meaning in telugu

Word: deep seated
Meaning of deep seated in english - deep-seated, born, built-in, chronic, confirmed, constitutional, dyed-in-the-wool, essential, gut, inborn/inbred, ingrained, inherent, innate, inner, intimate, intrinsic, inveterate, profound, radical, embedded, habituated, hard-shell, ineradicable, irradicable, lingering, protracted

Meanings in telugu :

vidradhi ( విద్రధి )

Synonyms of deep seated

deep-rooted established fixed habitual subconscious longstanding deep down deeply felt longtime lodged in one's brain natural congenital ingenerate implicit incorporated inseparable integral part and parcel indwelling in-built lifelong continuous continuing recurrent persistent sustained continual constant incurable abiding ceaseless enduring lasting long-standing obstinate perennial prolonged routine settled stubborn tenacious unmitigated unyielding usual long-lived recurring ever-present persisting unabating accepted proved worn seasoned hardened accustomed entrenched staid valid inured firmly established long-established organic vital wide far broad buried underground low abysmal below beneath bottomless distant immersed inmost subterranean unfathomable abyssal submarine yawning downreaching fathomless subaqueous submerged sunk absolute complete die-hard full-fledged genuine thorough thoroughgoing unchangeable uncompromising utter true deep-down deep-dyed deeply ingrained infixed instilled out and out through and through to the core well-established elemental underlying key main prime perfect primitive nitty-gritty material primary ideal cardinal cold nub principal basal elementary meat and potatoes name of the game quintessential connate substratal interior basic emotional heartfelt instinctive internal involuntary spontaneous unthinking visceral viscerous hereditary indigenous inherited intuitive native connatural unacquired fundamental indelible implanted in the blood inbuilt latent genetic characteristic distinctive immanent indispensable individual integrated inward original resident subjective in the grain running in the family unalienable normal regular standard typical central concealed esoteric focal hidden inside personal psychological secret spiritual repressed unrevealed detailed penetrating confidential firsthand in-depth guarded privy experienced special trusted exhaustive immediate innermost uptight peculiar particular real constitutive hard-core addicted customary incorrigible long-lasting permanent sworn indurated acute great far-reaching abject extensive sincere extreme consummate heartrending hearty keen out-and-out pronounced total primal foundational meat-and-potatoes installed inserted enclosed impacted encapsulated nested

Antonyms of deep seated

added temporary extrinsic learned extra acquired not included halting intermittent interrupted infrequent occasional inconstant curable ceasing ending stopping eradicable indefinite sporadic uncommitted undecided unconfirmed unnatural contracted restricted frivolous ignorant superficial trivial unintelligent aboveboard artless flighty pale narrow shallow open quiet soft inessential insignificant nonessential unimportant incidental imperfect minor auxiliary subsidiary atypical secondary flawed wrong accessory outside material physical surface external meditated exterior outer stupid known incompatible unfriendly public revealed cool formal accidental short-lived insincere unemotional partial limited slight mild moderate conservative ephemeral fleeting transient

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