depraved meaning in telugu

Word: depraved
 Meaning of depraved in english - corrupt, immoral

Meanings in telugu :

shathamu ( శఠము )

Synonyms of depraved

wanton vile sinful vicious nefarious lewd shameless wicked debauched debased degenerate abandoned low twisted fast dirty perverted mean degraded vitiate bad dissolute evil filthy kinky lascivious licentious miscreant profligate putrid rotten unhealthy unnatural villainous warped vitiated dirty-minded flagitous

Antonyms of depraved

moral righteous kind virtuous honest healthy honorable clean decent gentle nice good pure upright noble just

Related English Telugu Meaning

depressdepressedas the nosedepressingdepressiondepthdeputyder fder to be distributed among guestsder to place them on the backs of bullocksder to sound and worn by women on their anklesderdereliction of dutyderision hoaxderisionderivationderived fromderived fromrishiders of vedic priestsdescend fromdescending
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