dispute meaning in telugu

Word: dispute
Meaning of dispute in english - argument, argue

Meanings in telugu :

saakamu ( సాకము )

Identical words :

Synonyms of dispute

row squabble discord wrangle brawl discussion disagreement misunderstanding friction controversy feud disturbance strife debate conflict quarrel embroilment miff fuss beef uproar fracas tiff commotion hubbub rumpus dissension squall polemic flare-up altercation words variance brouhaha contention bone of contention difference of opinion falling-out bickering fireworks contend deny contest contradict challenge refute doubt disprove rebut impugn clash confute question agitate negate controvert hassle quibble canvass gainsay moot disaffirm lock horns take on altercate bump heads discept have at kick around pick a bone thrash out toss around

Antonyms of dispute

concurrence quiet accord calm agreement peace harmony concord give in concede corroborate prove give up allow approve make peace

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