enterprise meaning in telugu

Word: enterprise
 Meaning of enterprise in english - adventure, undertaking, resourcefulness, energy

Meanings in telugu :

udyōgamu ( ఉద్యోగము )

Synonyms of enterprise

firm business company trade project program activity operation essay affair stake campaign flier house move crusade proposition endeavor deed concern deal thing engagement plan performance scheme establishment do plunge risk hazard outfit game purpose baby stunt bit effort task attempt happening cause work try bag action speculation pursuit follow through striving ballgame big idea biggie pet project industry force gumption adventurousness dash initiative get-up-and-go daring enthusiasm self-reliance alertness hustle vigor boldness pluck courage ambition spirit readiness zeal drive foresight audacity push eagerness inventiveness

Antonyms of enterprise

idleness whole inaction inactivity laziness surrender safety reality entertainment fun pastime abstention apathy indolence passiveness failure certainty surety fact unemployment passivity weakness cowardice indifference lethargy fear meekness humility timidity discouragement

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