fawn meaning in telugu

Word: fawn
 Meaning of fawn in english - baby deer, ingratiate oneself to, serve

Meanings in telugu :

ēkaaru ( ఏకారు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
fawning - upasarpanamu ( ఉపసర్పణము )
fawn colour - kaavi ( కావి )

Synonyms of fawn

yearling baby buck baby doe crouch grovel defer kowtow flatter stroke submit toady creep cotton pander debase snow scrape jolly stoop woo cajole abase kneel oil invite court crawl truckle blandish cower yield bow slaver cringe massage apple-polish brownnose butter up curry favor be at beck and call be obsequious be servile buddy up cater to cave in to fall all over honey up lay it on lick boots make up to pay court play up to

Antonyms of fawn

deny refuse honor ignore reject force

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