fearful meaning in telugu

Word: fearful
Meaning of fearful in english - alarmed, apprehensive, horrifying

Meanings in telugu :

vishankitamu ( విశంకితము )

Identical words :

fearfull - trastamu ( త్రస్తము )

Synonyms of fearful

shy timid afraid hesitant nervous scared anxious uneasy tense agitated jittery frightened skittish panicky aghast chicken diffident disturbed fainthearted intimidated jumpy lily-livered mousy nerveless nervy perturbed phobic pusillanimous shaky sheepish shrinking solicitous spineless timorous tremulous unmanly worried yellow chickenhearted quivery aflutter discomposed disquieted goose-bumpy have cold feet in a dither rabbity running scared weak-kneed appalling astounding atrocious awful baleful creepy dire distressing dreadful eerie formidable frightful ghastly ghoulish grievous grim grisly gruesome hair-raising hideous horrible lurid macabre monstrous morbid overwhelming redoubtable shocking sinister strange sublime terrible tremendous unearthly unspeakable bloodcurdling horrendous horrific

Antonyms of fearful

confident extroverted brave fearless composed unafraid laid-back courageous pleasant bold cool happy calm unworried easy-going unfearful good nice

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