final meaning in telugu

Word: final
 Meaning of final in english - ending, last, conclusive, definitive

Meanings in telugu :

chivar ( చివర )

Identical words :

As noun :
finale - tuttatud ( తుట్టతుడ )
final beatitude - apunarbhavamu ( అపునర్భవము )
final emancipation from matter and absorption in the deity - amritamu ( అమృతము )
final deliverance - nishshrēyasamu ( నిశ్శ్రేయసము )
final destruction of the world - praLayamu ( ప్రళయము )

Synonyms of final

concluding closing ultimate eventual latter lag terminal latest crowning hindmost supreme last-minute finishing terminating decisive definite finished determinative absolute decided incontrovertible irrefutable irrevocable settled determinate unanswerable

Antonyms of final

continuing inconclusive interim introductory persistent temporary beginning commencing first opening starting

Related English Telugu Meaning

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