greedy meaning in telugu

Word: greedy
 Meaning of greedy in english - desiring excessively

Meanings in telugu :

lubdhamu ( లుబ్ధము )

Identical words :

greedy man - gridhnuvu ( గృధ్నువు )

Synonyms of greedy

rapacious selfish hungry impatient eager acquisitive avaricious avid carnivorous close covetous craving desirous devouring gluttonous grasping insatiable intemperate itchy miserly omnivorous parsimonious penurious ravenous stingy tight voracious close-fisted edacious grabby hoggish piggish esurient gobbling gormandizing grudging gulping guzzling insatiate niggardly pennypinching prehensile ravening swinish

Antonyms of greedy

abstemious benevolent extravagant philanthropic charitable generous

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