hanger on meaning in telugu

Word: hanger on
 Meaning of hanger on in english - hanger-on, adherent, follower, groupie, henchman, inferior, minion, parasite, sponge, sycophant, toady, yes-person, camp follower, fifth wheel, barnacle

Meanings in telugu :

padikaapu ( పడికాపు )

Synonyms of hanger on

lackey dependent freeloader flunky nuisance leech truckler sponger backer devotee disciple believer enthusiast advocate fan aficionado card-carrying member participant patron client admirer worshiper supporter freak stooge helper sectary cohort copycat apostle partisan zealot imitator buff satellite vassal companion votary addict attendant convert servant sidekick promoter proselyte pupil fancier representative habitué protégé bootlicker deputy aide partner subordinate coadjutor accomplice abettor adjunct collaborator ally colleague assistant accessory appointee apprentice gofer bodyguard helpmate friend backup secretary gal Friday girl Friday man Friday coadjutant fellow worker hatchet man/woman right-hand man/woman right-hand person auxiliary hireling junior peon subaltern underling menial minor subject second banana slave puppet flatterer brownnoser doormat backscratcher backslapper fawner yes-man/woman sucker deadbeat bloodsucker idler taker scrounger cadger panhandler bum adulator politician groveler handshaker apple polisher ass-kisser doter kiss-up teacher's pet apple-polisher acolyte lagniappe spare spare tire superfluity triviality deadwood third wheel crustacean

Antonyms of hanger on

antagonist adversary enemy opponent manager owner leader opposition chief boss superior foe detractor opposer master

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