happy meaning in telugu

Word: happy
 Meaning of happy in english - in high spirits, satisfied, lucky

Meanings in telugu :

shvashrēyasamu ( శ్వశ్రేయసము )

Identical words :

happy conjuction of stars - pontanamu ( పొంతనము )
happy woman - subhag ( సుభగ )

Synonyms of happy

cheerful contented overjoyed ecstatic elated joyous delighted pleased pleasant lively merry peaceful upbeat joyful glad jubilant blessed blissful blithe chipper convivial exultant gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing mirthful on cloud nine peppy perky playful sparkling sunny tickled tickled pink thrilled blest captivated chirpy flying high looking good walking on air can't complain successful fortunate accidental advantageous appropriate auspicious befitting casual convenient correct effective efficacious enviable favorable felicitous incidental just meet nice opportune promising proper propitious right satisfactory seasonable suitable timely well-timed

Antonyms of happy

melancholy upset disappointed sorrowful unfriendly discouraged dissatisfied morose pained forsaken hopeless unfortunate unlucky depressed grave sad serious unhappy disturbed troubled down

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