home meaning in telugu

Word: home
Meaning of home in english - domestic, place where a human lives, birthplace, environment

Meanings in telugu :

sthaanamu ( స్థానము )

Identical words :

homecovert - tenki ( టెంకి )
home-made - naatu ( నాటు )

Synonyms of home

central family familiar household local national native homely homey inland internal at ease at rest down home in the bosom in one's element hut dormitory apartment dwelling palace resort shelter hospital cottage farm condominium trailer residence mansion cabin villa dump hangout habitation asylum cave domicile pad hideout abode flat manor nest haunt joint address hearth shanty roof turf castle crash pad home plate fireside diggings co-op roost orphanage digs homestead bungalow rooming house boarding house commorancy hole in the wall living quarters parking place where the hat is neighborhood country site locality soil range homeland territory haven neck of the woods stamping ground hometown hills camping ground home ground

Antonyms of home

outside foreign business commercial

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