incomparable meaning in telugu

Word: incomparable
 Meaning of incomparable in english - superlative

Meanings in telugu :

asadrishamu ( అసదృశము )

Synonyms of incomparable

transcendent inimitable unparalleled unmatched exceptional excellent ideal matchless paramount peerless perfect preeminent sovereign superior supreme towering ultimate unsurpassable beyond compare second to none surpassing unequalled unmatchable

Antonyms of incomparable

lowly inferior ordinary common poor

Related English Telugu Meaning

incompetentincompleteincomprehensibleinconceivableincongruityincongruousinconsistencyinconsistentinconstancyincontinenceinconvenienceinconvenientincorporeal oneincorporealincrease of wealth and of other thingsincreaseincreased by an unitincreasedincuredincurpunishment
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