kindred meaning in telugu

Word: kindred
 Meaning of kindred in english - corresponding, matching, blood relative

Meanings in telugu :

chuttamu ( చుట్టము )

Synonyms of kindred

agnate cognate incident kin parallel affiliated akin alike allied analogous congenial germane homogeneous likable related similar connate connatural consanguine congeneric clan tribe relationship family flesh house consanguinity affinity connection race lineage cousin folk stock homefolk kinsperson

Antonyms of kindred

dissimilar irrelevant unaffiliated

Related English Telugu Meaning

king curlewking mentioned in the mahabharataking of serpentsking-crowking-fisherkingkingdomkings elephantkings ministerkinsman of the same family namekinsman on the fathers sidekinsman to the seventh generation indescent fromcommon ancestkisskistkitchenkiteknapsackknaverykneadkneading
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